Industrial Training

Digital Marketing Industrial Training extract to work experience that is relevant to professional development prior to graduation. Industrial Training is normally acquired during the semester breaks at the end of the third or fourth year.

Students must note that Industrial Training is an essential component in the development of the practical and efficiant skills required of an Engineer and an aid to prospective employment. Many employers regard this period as a chance to vet new employees for future employment.

All students should make imaginable effort and give sufficient thought into obtaining the most relevant and inspired Industrial Training. although difficult, it is desirable to access experience in a range of activities, as example of design office, on-site situations. It should also be noted that developing an awareness of general workplace behavior and interpersonal skills are important objectives of the Industrial Training experience.


  • Getting a feel of the work atmosphere.
  • Taking profitable experience in writing reports in engineering works/projects.
  • With all the experience and knowledge acquired, it is hoped at the students will be able to choose appropriate work upon graduation.