ASP.NET With C# (MVC) mvc

  • HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • Understand the MVC design pattern and how it is applied in ASP.NET MVC.
  • Recognize the benefits and drawbacks of using Asp.Net MVC.
  • Become equipped to make good choices about model design and use of Microsoft data access technologies.
  • Use Asp.Net MVC’s routing system to achieve a REST-style architecture.
  • Building Model.
  • Routes and URLs.
  • Controllers
  • View and View Templates.
  • Learn how to build a compelling and maintainable HTML user interface using both the ASP.NET and new Razor view engine.
  • Filters
  • See how to easily add AJAX and jQuery capabilities to an ASP.NET MVC application
  • Overview of the C,C++
  • C#
  • Coding Standards
  • Asp.Net Validation Controls + Javascript Validation
  • Using the Rich Controls
  • Designing Websites with master pages
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008,2010
  • SQL Server Basic
  • Overview of Data Access
  • Using Repeater and Data List Controls
  • Using the Grid View Control
  • Using Repeater and Data List Controls
  • Working with XML and Web Services
  • Using Navigation Controls

Course Duration

  • 60 days
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