Campus Training Program

The campus training program prepares the candidate for the recruitments. Campus training program will be conducted within the educational institutes .The aim of campus training program is to make ac candidate confident develop his/her skills to face interviews and other recruitment processes.

Every product or service that is produced or created is to be marketed in order to communicate its benefits / advantages to the end consumer. Without the right communication even the best of product or service may remain obscure or die out completely.

Similarly even though an individual maybe highly competent technically, but is unable to express his/her views and ideas, they would be worthless. To be able to effectively communicate the ideas/views the individual must have the right soft skills. Soft skills complement the hard skills acquired by an individual which is necessary today.

Keeping the above in mind students need to work on skills to enhance their employability. To ensure that every student is ready to move from college to career, we have designed special programs to cater to the students at the undergraduate level. The complete program is conducted in stages along with the regular classes of the students.