CMS With JOOMLA Training

CMS With JOOMLA Training

joomla OutShine Technologies specilly provides a special course CMS With JOOMLA Training program.Joomla has taken the CMS industry by storm. It is delicate and intensely easy to use. It is free and open source software. The software helps one to build websites as well as numerous online applications.Joomla is normally used to design websites in almost all industries around the world across various verticals.Joomla is quite popular due to its many features.

Who all can learn?

Designed on the lines of professionally developing websites, this certificate course is a great value addition tool.


  • Joomla Versions
  • Advantages of using Joomla
  • Installtions of joomla
  • Requirements of Joomla Installation
  • View of Joomla CMS
  • Menus, object, Sections, Categories
  • Modules, Components & Plugins
  • Admin and Site Extensions
  • Global Structure
  • Article Manager
  • Section Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Front page Manager
  • Menu Manager
  • Archive Manager
  • Article Parameters
  • Menus, Articles, Sections, Categories
  • Modules, Components & Plugins
  • Admin and Site Extensions
  • Default Joomla Templates
  • Customizing the Joomla Template
  • User positions & Modules
  • Archive Manager
  • Creating Custom Joomla Template
  • Banner Manager
  • Installing Modules, Components and Plugins

Course Duration

  • 60 days
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