Digital Marketing


Following the success of the first ever Digital Marketing Show in November and huge demand, we're running a series of one-day exclusive Digital Marketing Show Seminars to help mainstream marketers and business owners well and truly understand ‘digital’ in 2014. The first event in the programme is all about ‘digital marketing’.

Overview of Digital Marketing

  • Fundamentals and Core Objectives of Marketing.
  • Significance of Digital Marketing.
  • Differences between traditional and digital marketing.
  • In-depth knowledge of Marketing Procedure.

Grasping the basics of Digital Marketing procedures

  • Understanding the meaning of visibility and its different dimensions
  • Tips to bring inbound and outbound targeting traffic
  • How can visitor’s engagement be built?
  • Understanding the concepts of leads generation
  • How can Performance Evaluation be built and improved?
  • Importance of retention in digital marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • What is a Search Engine & how search engines work : Crawling, Indexing and Retrieving?
  • What is SEO and how it helps in your business growth?
  • Types of SEO and their meaning.
  • How search engines benefit from SEO?
  • Parameters for evaluating SEO: Page Views, Time Spent, Bounce Rate

    S.M.M. (Socail Media Marketing)

  • Understanding Social Media.
  • Different types of current social media paradigms.
  • How to use social media for marketing and advertising.
  • Facebook Marketing: Differences between personal and business page, increasing likes and shares, building fan-engagement, Facebook advertising, Case Studies and use of 3rd parties.
  • Facebook Insights (Analytics), Facebook Case Studies, Power editor tool.
  • Facebook Practical Session: Facebook advertisement, Payment Module, CPC, CPM, CPA, Conversion Tracking of Facebook.
  • Twitter Marketing: Measuring influence and increasing followers, tips and tricks of online marketing with twitter, using the right tools and Case Studies, twitter advertising, Hashtags and trends, Understanding the influencers and industry leaders of niche.Twitter Case Studies, Tools for twitter marketing.
  • Video Marketing: Tips, trends, strategies and best practices for creating video campaigns, using YouTube for business growth, creating Video ADgroups, utilizing the right target options and bid strategies, Intro to viral video, Building viral video and its case studies, Creating Youtube Channel, Youtube video marketing strategy : Pre AD role, Post AD role and Mid AD role, True View Ads- Instream Ads, Display, Creating a video AD groups.

Course Duration

  • 60 days
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