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Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs that people interested in OutShine Technologies TalentCare and our programs ask. For your convenience and ready reference, we have categorized these queries and provided the answers below. We hope you will find them useful.

The course is designed to teach English through online practice, speaking exercises and classroom teaching.

YEP is designed to provide you regular updates on your performance, the classes you have completed and the areas where improvement is required.

Apart from the periodic assessment at the end of each module, there will be two mid-term assessments and one term-end assessment at the end of the 3-month campus training.

Our academic design, rigor and emphasis on industry-relevant skills expected of a job-ready professional (technical competence, workplace professional skills, role-readiness, industry exposure, communication skills, certification and internships) will ensure that you graduate with a significant enhancement in your JQ.

For YEP, you must have a B.E. / B.Tech, M. Tech or MCA degree. For YGP you must have a graduation degree (B.Sc/ BCA/ etc.). To apply for any of the courses you must be less than 18 years of age.

Yes, you are eligible for YEP provided you satisfy the age criterion. However, you would need to qualify through your scores in engineering (minimum 40%) as well as Standard 10 and 12 (minimum 40%).

Yes, our Young Graduate Program (YGP) is specially designed for non-engineering graduates seeking careers in IT, Banking & Insurance sectors. To know more about YGP, please call (7275311783).

In case you are part of the OutShine Technologies TalentCare testing process at your college campus, you would have to take the test immediately. However, if you have filled out the application form on our website outside the regular campus process, you would need to wait for OutShine Technologies TalentCare to contact you about your eligibility and the date / venue for your test.

Jobability Quotient or JQ is a composite measure developed by OutShine Technologies TalentCare to assess and benchmark all the skills and capabilities that you require to be successful in a specific job role. JQ helps to measure and identify your areas of strength and dimensions that need improvement by benchmarking them against relevant job requirements.

The course offers a bundle of market-accepted certifications covering technical, professional and English language skills such as Microsoft, Google and OutShine Technologies and other top-of-the-line certifications.

All certifications offered by OutShine Technologies TalentCare are best-in-class and recognized. They are in demand by a wide range of companies.

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